Nice to Meet You!

My name is Sherwin Chu. I am a Leadership Consultant and Coach and the founder of Leadership Resilience – nice to meet you! 

My passion lies in helping corporate leaders like you find more purpose and feel more fulfilled in their work. I truly believe that as leaders, this all starts with knowing who we are and who we want to be! There is no magic formula to leading a team but it can feel more effortless if you put in the work. It is a journey and I’m here to help you get there!

My Story

I’ve spent 13+ years of my corporate career in Talent Development and Coaching, where I’ve created training functions from the ground up. I’ve led training and engagement initiatives to drive culture change for corporations large and small. 

Throughout this journey, I had inevitably experienced burnout, something a lot of corporate professionals can relate to. I didn’t feel fulfilled and couldn’t exactly connect with how my work reflects my strengths, values and passions as a human being.

It took me years but once I was able to connect with all of that, I saw the purpose in the work that I do. I discovered a leadership and communication style that felt effortless and authentic to me. This new mindset allowed me to take more intentional and impactful actions! I saw how this energy had inspired others around me.

What I believe truly drives change starts with mindset. What I’ve found is that too many people underestimate how our thoughts and emotions can impact the actions that we take! And too many people are settling for “just feeling okay” about their jobs.

So I made it my mission to help leaders in the corporate space overcome inner challenges so they can lead in a more effortless and an engaged way. I help them achieve their goals by leading in a way that feels true to them. I hope to inspire more people with actions they can take to lead with who they are.

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