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Lead with Who You Are

At Leadership Resilience, I help leaders find more fulfillment in the work that they do! I help them lead more authentically and effortlessly.

If you are a leader who wants to gain the tools to navigate your career with more clarity and less stress, you’ve come to the right place!

Lead With Who You Are

Hi there, Welcome!

Are you feeling the stress and burnout of the corporate hustle?

At Leadership Resilience, I help leaders like you lead more effortlessly and find more fulfillment in their work. I help corporate professionals navigate their careers with more clarity and less stress!

At Leadership Resilience, I’ll help you:

  • Identify the next steps to your career growth with more clarity.
  • Communicate with more impact and confidence.
  • Influence others and manage change more effectively.
  • Navigate interpersonal challenges with less stress.
  • Build the team culture that you dream of.
  • Discover how you can bring more of your strengths, values and passions into your leadership with confidence.
  • And ultimately find more fulfillment and purpose in the work that you do.
I do this through 1:1 leadership coaching and high potential programs. https://www.high-endrolex.com/10

If you’re ready to step into authentic leadership, download a free copy of my “5 Exercises to Set More Meaningful Goals” training guide and check out my  blog posts to learn more!

What I Believe In

My Mission

is to help leaders navigate their career challenges with more clarity and less stress. I guide leaders to discover who they are, align more with their strengths and values, and inspire others to do the same.

My Vision

is to help everyone find true joy and passion in everything they do!

My Approach

is to help leaders discover their leadership and communication style. I do this through 1:1 coaching and strategic high potential programs.

To Learn More About My Coaching and High Potential Program:

from My Clients/Partners

Mira BharatiyaSr. Analyst, Sustainable Investing
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Let me tell you about Sherwin, my amazing career coach! She has been an absolute lifesaver in my professional journey. Sherwin's expertise and guidance have been instrumental in helping me overcome various challenges and navigate the anxieties that come with career pressure in my 20s. With her support, I've gained a newfound confidence and clarity, allowing me to tackle obstacles head-on and make significant strides in my career. I can't thank Sherwin enough for her unwavering support and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a dedicated and insightful career coach.
Rebekah WalterSenior Manager, Programmatic Partnership
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When I transitioned from a small company to a large corporate one, I felt like I wasn't as buttoned up as I should be and imposter syndrome instantly kicked in. Sherwin was able to help turn that around through patience and pushing me to evaluate situations in a different light. After working together for six months I can say I'm more confident in the work I do and know I deserve to be there. I couldn't have done it without her!
Katerina Angelova Leadership Coach
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Sherwin is a really special coach! She has that depth and warmth that you would be definitely looking for in a professional coach. I had lost motivation around a specific area of my life and in just one session she managed to pull out of me everything needed to get me back on track and to approach things with the desire and the drive I was looking for. I was nicely surprised by how much attention to detail she paid, to things I was not even aware were coming up from me. I felt she really listened not only to my words but actually to my heart, and this was a different level of connection. She helped me tap into my inner wisdom and that drive I needed to take accountable actions towards achieving my dream. I appreciate this session with all my heart! Thank you, Sherwin 🙂
Don Simons CEO, Insights
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I worked with Sherwin for several years at ENGINE/Big Village and consistently found her to be a thoughtful partner, amazingly supportive, and always incredibly upbeat. We embarked on a long-term training program that was part technical training but equally important, was a driver of culture change. Sherwin not only embraced this challenge, but consistently brought great ideas on how to increase engagement, how to motivate the team better, and make the training more enjoyable. She really drove the program through to impact and was always reliable along the way. I recommend Sherwin to any organization looking for an experienced trainer, dedicated to the success of everyone involved and able to manage multiple senior people to a common goal. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with.
Minaiel ShaoibBuilding Systems Engineer
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My overall experience with Sherwin was honestly so enlightening! We uncovered a bunch of different layers in a small amount of time. She asked me the right questions at the right time and I felt so understood by both her and myself! One of the big insights that I got from our coaching experience is that I didn’t have a clear picture of what I wanted in my life, which was why I was having difficulty making some decisions. I was a little restless thinking my growth journey was being slowed down due to my chosen circumstances but we uncovered some areas I grew in even during that time! After speaking with Sherwin, I realized that my idea of “success” and “happiness” could be different from the people around me. I have been making small changes, to identify what happiness means to me, what my boundaries are, and how I can take action to work towards finding that in the future. Speaking with Sherwin made me feel empowered and understood. I also didn’t feel judged even for a single second. It’s beautiful to be able to be vulnerable with someone and not feel like you are being judged. I benefited from her coaching in ways I didn’t even know I could. It was absolutely valuable and I’d recommend Sherwin to anyone!
Caterina YanakisTalent Management & Development Manager
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I cannot recommend Sherwin’s services enough! Sherwin’s insightful and tailored approach to coaching was exactly what I needed to understand how to overcome my personal and professional hurdles. Sherwin has a gift for guiding her clients towards self-discovery and growth, and I felt supported and encouraged every step of the way. Her wisdom, insight, and understanding has been invaluable, and I am grateful for the transformative impact she has had on me. After my first coaching session with her, I already felt more confident and equipped to face new challenges. I highly recommend Sherwin to anyone seeking to improve themselves and reach their full potential.
Torie McDonaldCEO, One Three Investments LLC
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My experience with Sherwin was awakening! Throughout the process I felt at ease with her approach which enabled me to fully realize my shortcomings and ultimately take my company to new heights.
Bettina SzelesFounder, Spirvana
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Sherwin helped me discover what truly matters and redirect my focus to it. She was insightful and able to analyze the key issues by listening to what was being said, as well as unsaid, and asking penetrating questions. As a result, I have been able to pinpoint areas for change, think through different approaches, and then focus on taking action.
Fionn LaiFounder, Drèset
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My experience with Sherwin was nothing short of remarkable. You can tell that she is super caring and is constantly listening to and processing her client’s thoughts. She really has a talent for asking thought-provoking questions and at the same time creating a safe and nonjudgmental space. She asked questions that I would never even come to ask myself, and thoughts that I’ve never come to realize. Through our coaching sessions, Sherwin guided me to identify a lot of my own feelings and thoughts. Which gave me a huge sense of clarity, all thanks to her guidance and expertise. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a compassionate and effective coach!

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