“Do I belong here?” A question that a lot of female leaders that I’ve coached have wondered at one point or another. Feelings of belonging are important to cultivate for your success.

Feeling different from our peers is common as we move up in our careers. After all, we’re all unique our own ways. We have our own experiences that shape our personalities, the way we think, feel and interact with others. The diverse perspectives contribute to team success but can also be a great source of stress.

Have you ever wondered how feeling different can impact the actions that you take?

Navigating the challenges that come with working with others who are different from we are is a skill. Paying attention to how these challenges are hindering your growth is going to be crucial to your success as a leader!

Whether it is in the way you look or the way you work, feeling different from others can lead you to lose confidence in yourself and second-guess everything you do. You lose the courage to speak up because you question the value that you bring to the table. You start to really question whether or not you even belong here, while logically, you know that you’ve earned your place.

Over time, you form limiting beliefs around your own path to success and feel less and less empowered to take action. These beliefs become your reality.

Becoming aware of your limiting beliefs is the first step towards taking more empowering action and building confidence. This is a crucial step that most leaders underestimate. Don’t let your limiting beliefs silence you.

Here are some important questions to reflect on if you’re feeling a little stuck today.

  • What limiting beliefs do you have that’s getting in the way of your growth?
  • How have they kept you away from your goals?
  • What actions would you take today if these feelings didn’t exist?
  • How would you communicate differently if you were your most confident self today?