In this hustle culture that we live in, we’re always trying to do more so we can keep up. Our brains are so used to going a million miles per minute. Feeling overwhelmed with our to-do lists seems to be the norm. And we take so much pride in our ability to multi-task.

At some point though, we feel burnt out. All we really want is to shut down our laptops and have a moment alone. We then find ourselves in procrastination, until we find our surge of motivation again.

This mental and emotional rollercoaster is EXHAUSTING. So how can we better manage our productivity so that we get more consistent results?

Learning to utilize your right brain in leadership is crucial to your success and mental health. (Here’s an older post I wrote on right-brained leadership.)

What Does Right-Brained Leadership Look Like For You?

The irony in all this is that your highly-productive energy could be what’s preventing you from achieving more.

This is often when your logical mind is most activated — you go from one task to another. You solve one problem after the next until you feel stuck.

We often hear from others that their most creative ideas come when they’re in the shower, or when they’re running or doing something they enjoy. That’s because those activities are when their creative, emotional and intuitive minds (aka our right brains) are activated.

Our best ideas and solutions come when our brain can calm down. What can you do today to calm your brain?

When I’m stuck in a rut creatively or feeling burnt out, I often turn to meditation or journaling — this does WONDERS for my productivity. I almost always come out of it with new ideas and solutions to the challenges that I’m facing. Most importantly, I feel refreshed.

The next time you feel stuck on something, try doing something that calms your mind! It’ll ultimately help you re-focus, accomplish more and be a better right-brained leader.