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Through 1:1 Coaching, I help You to:

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Energy Leadership Index Assessment

As a part of our coaching engagement, you’ll have the option to take an Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment. The ELI is a research-backed assessment that provides insights on how we view the world.

Through this assessment, you will build more awareness on the thoughts, emotions and actions you default to in different aspects of your life.

In our 1:1 assessment debrief session, I will coach you through your results and help you get more clarity on your development goals, as well as identify an action plan.

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iPEC Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

a Typical Coaching Package for Individuals

  • An ELI assessment and report.
  • A 90-minute ELI debrief session.
  • 10 60-minute weekly or biweekly coaching sessions. 
  • A welcome packet to set you up for success with recommended leadership development resources.
  • Unlimited support outside of the scheduled sessions via emails or texts.

a Typical Organization-Sponsored Coaching Package

  • Pre coaching engagement:
    • Determine your coaching needs.
    • An alignment meeting you and your sponsor(s) to set goals and expectations for the coaching engagement.
    • An ELI assessment done you and potentially others who work with you (i.e. 360 ELI assessments).
  • During the coaching engagement:
    • An ELI debrief session (length of session depends on the need).
    • An alignment meeting you and your sponsor(s) to discuss summary of ELI assessment.
    • 10 60-minute weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions.
    • Mid-way check-in meeting with you and your sponsor(s).
  • End of coaching engagement:
    • Final meeting with you and your sponsor(s). 

All coaching packages are customizable depending on your needs. A typical coaching engagement is generally three to six months long. To find out more about the type of coaching work I do and how I can help, feel free to click on the link below to request a free discovery call!

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