From doing leadership development programs to 1:1 coaching, I’ve always loved my career. I was so proud of what I do but I could never really articulate why.

I didn’t feel that I had clarity on my career goals other than striving for the next promotion or salary. It was difficult for me to define what growth truly means. Looking back, I was not very intentional about how I spent my time and energy towards my personal and professional goals.

Over the years, I’ve reflected a lot on what career fulfillment means to me.

For me, feeling fulfilled doesn’t mean that you are filled with love for what you do every waking moment of the day. But rather, it means you are intentional about how you invest your time and energy into the actions that you truly care about and fuel you. It means having the awareness for how you are reacting when things are working, and also when things aren’t.

I’ve spoken to so many people who are on this self-discovery journey. They have a desire for finding a career path that feels more meaningful. They are done with being on auto-pilot and jumping from one thing to the next. They want to feel more in control.

For some, their journeys will require a career pivot. But for others, they are exactly where they should be — they just need help re-focusing, re-prioritizing their goals and actions and overcoming challenges that are holding them back.

New Guide and Webinar

So this was why I wrote a new guide — “Five Exercises to Set More Meaningful Goals.

It is a workbook of simple reflection exercises that will help you get more clarity on your personal and professional goals. If you are currently feeling overwhelmed and stressed about the next step in your career, this guide is for you! You can download your copy by filling out the form here.

Welcome to your journey to finding career fulfillment!